5 Tips Every Seller Should Know Prior to Selling Their Home

Every home seller wants to receive top dollar for their home, though many factors affect a home’s value and selling price. How can you increase the chances that prospective buyers will fall in love with your home? Read on for five tips to help sellers get a head start to prepare their home to be shown before their home even goes on the market.

Conduct a pre-listing inspection – Having your home inspected by a third party will give you a “new set of eyes” to help you objectively price your home and prepare you for the home inspection the buyers will conduct. This inspection allows you to make repairs ahead of time and choose the contractor to handle the repairs. It may also alert you to immediate concerns such as termites, radon gas, or electrical problems. Plus, the repair receipts and inspection report will help support any maintenance claims you have made on the home. Don’t forget to select an inspector that is licensed and insured. The Wasz Dukes Real Estate Team recommends John Spinello of ACS Home Inspections.

Clean up outside the home – Keep the grass cut, bushes and trees trimmed and the landscaping neat to make a strong first impression. If the front of the home and yard looks unkempt, the property may be considered unfavorably. Keep the windows clean inside and out, wash the exterior of the house and paint where necessary. Pay attention to details and be sure the chimney and gutters are clean, too.

Fix up the interior – Applying a fresh coat of neutral paint can make a big improvement in the appearance of a room at very little cost. New paint can clean up scuff marks and discoloration. If you’re working with wallpaper, wash it to give it a new clean look. Wash all floors, shampoo dirty carpets, and eliminate clutter. Clean out the garage, basement, attic and closets. Consider staging your home before showing it to prospective buyers. Staging can make your home more attractive by rearranging furniture and household objects so potential buyers can picture themselves in your home. Don’t forget to replace the air filters to minimize dust in the house.

Replace fixtures that are worn or leaking – Clean under the sinks and make any necessary repairs to fixtures. Give your bathroom or kitchen a new look by replacing any fixtures that are leaky or worn. Paint damaged areas if necessary. Contact the Wasz Dukes Real Estate Team for a list of trusted contractors if you need help.

Eliminate bad odors in your home – Pay special attention to smoke and pet odors. Consider using an air sanitizer that will clean the air, eliminate odors and provide clean air naturally without chemicals.

After you’ve spent time preparing your home to be placed on the real estate market, find out more about what your home is worth. When you’re ready to take the next step, contact the Wasz Dukes Real Estate Team to learn how they can best market your home in the Northern Virginia market.