Client Success Story: H Street Corridor Rowhome in DC

When families are referred to us, we take careful stock of their needs and meet them where they are. A couple was referred to us and was looking for a real estate professional to handle the sale of their row house in the trendy H Street Corridor in the Washington, DC metro area. But they were located across the country in California and couldn’t plan the details themselves and they had renters living on the property. They had previously lived in the home and had handled the property management themselves and now they were looking to sell.

We explained that we could handle all the details from property management and working with renters to preparing a home for sale, finding and negotiating with a buyer, to consummating the final sale. We prepared a plan of regular communication with the owners so they would know where we were in the process every step of the way. And, we discussed how much involvement they might want during the process so they could be as involved in decision making as they wanted.

After hiring us we got to work.

  • We met with the current tenants to evaluate the home from top to bottom.
  • We reported back to the owners about plans to stage the home and complete any needed repairs.
  • We worked closely with the current tenants to coordinate schedules to make the home ready to sell.
  • We took on a property manager role to communicate with the tenants during the selling process and as they made plans to relocate.
  • Then we put on our marketing hat and placed the row house on the market. This DC neighborhood with rowhomes originally dating to the early 1900s had experienced a renaissance in the last 20 years with new entertainment options and restaurants nearby that have made it desirable neighborhood and driven prices for residences higher.
  • After we settled on a buyer, we negotiated the terms of the sale and the requirements of the contract including the required inspections.
  • Thereafter we met in place of the owners at closing to complete the final sale of the property and made all of the arrangements so our clients did not have to fly cross-country to sign paperwork.

All in all, we were delighted to sell the home and save our client the hassle of all the details involved in coordinating the sale, so they could reap the rewards of their investment property.

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