Get Pre-Approved Before Home Shopping.

Before you go looking for a home to purchase, the Wasz Dukes Real Estate Team recommends getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan. Especially in a competitive market, this point can make the difference in your home buying experience! It will make any offer you make on a home more likely to be accepted because the seller will have an assurance from an mortgage lender that you can qualify for a loan to purchase your chosen home.

You can get pre-approved with the mortgage lender of your choice or our team can recommend a broker to help you with the process Be prepared to provide a credit report, pay stubs, tax returns, bank, and other financial statements the same as you would if applying for a loan. Once complete, the mortgage lender will be able to provide a letter indicating your pre-approved status that can be used when making an offer on a home.

Contact us today so we can help you begin the process of home buying and explore additional financing options.