Financing Made Easy

The Wasz Dukes Real Estate Team can help you get your loan and your home. We recommend working with Mortgage Broker John Ragano with SWBC Mortgage who can review your mortgage options. Getting john-ragano-mortgage-brokerthe best mortgage offer can greatly affect your selection of homes, which is why it’s so important to choose a broker who can give you personalized service and great rates.

The Wasz Dukes Real Estate Team has worked with John Ragano for more than 20 years. John’s level of dedication to his clients and two decades of mortgage lending expertise help our clients obtain a loan they can afford, while getting the most home for their money.

John has access to a variety of loan programs that can help you purchase a home at a competitive rate with fewer fees. He can also assist with pre-qualifying for a loan before you go shopping for homes. Contact John Ragano directly by phone 703-819-8067 or email Visit his website: